Friday, May 25, 2012

Time keeps on slipping, slipping...into the future.

For some reason I thought when I was out of school for the summer I would have all this extra time to blog.


I was kidding myself.  Since my last day of school on Tuesday my summer has looked something like this:

-wake up
-head to barn (where we are hosting a horse show this weekend)
-while there ride horses, mow, trim bushes, paint signs, hook up bush hogs, haul rock, unload said rock into ditches and holes, bathe horses, feed and water horses
-go home
-repeat with addition of mowing at home and a marathon trip to Sam's Club with Mom to prepare for aforementioned horse show's concession stand

Needless to say so far summer has been anything but relaxing.  I have a sore back and shoulder, various bruises on my legs and bright red lines snaking across my allergy riddled eyes. 

On the bright side I sweated off a pound this week from all the manual labor + 2 Zumba classes.  Then I probably gained it back tonight at PF Chang's with Mom-chicken lettuce wraps, you are my Achilles!

Pretty sure I am going to bed now so I can get up and:
-ride horses
-prep them for show
-load them up
-sweat off another pound or two (fate and the gods be willing...) in the 90+ degree heat in my three piece polyester show suit-yes, it is absolutely as sexy as it sounds.  Be jealous-be very jealous.

Here's hoping next week brings pool lounging, novel reading and sun bathing!

Over and out.


  1. Busy, busy. It never stops!

    Btw, title made me think of Space Jam. That movie was, like, sooo cool in 6th grade

    WTH was wrong with us? Its horibble.

  2. It's always something-this week has been considerably slower-thank goodness :)

    Space Jam was amazing :) Or horrible-but it was cool then. I'd probably enjoy it now too-we were young and stupid.