Monday, May 7, 2012

Must. Shop.

No the title of this blog is not a desperate cry for help from a shop-aholic.  Quite the opposite really.  Don't get me wrong-I enjoy shopping-I'm a girl aren't I?  But as shopping un-necessarily tends to put a strain on one's finances I restrain myself and generally shop very responsibly.

But that's going to have to give and the shopping spree that will result will, in fact, be out of necessity.  The necessity of not looking like a homeless person in 98% of the pants I own.

That's right folks-I am 27 pounds down and the clothes that went from fitting snugly to fitting comfortably have now gone to not fitting at all.  At least not in an attractive way-I, for one, do not consider a saggy butt to be attractive- but that's just me.  As I am, buxom?...most of my tops still fit because unlike the majority of the people women who have lost weight have shared with me, I seem to not have lost any weight in the chest area.  If that is good or bad I have yet to decide.  Jury's out.

So shop I must.  How sad (insert sarcastic tone here).

But here's the catch.  I don't want to spend tons of money and buy lots of clothes that, hopefully definitely will be too big soon as well.  And so I face a conundrum.

Alas, responsibility (dang it) wins again.  As FABULOUS as it would be to have an all-out shopping spree in my new smaller size I vow to restrain myself and only buy a few necessary pieces to get me through and keep me looking respectable.

But boy, oh boy, look out stores and credit cards when I reach my goal weight...


  1. Cato's, burlington coat factory, and jc penney have the best deals around. Do it lady. You deserve pants that fit right now. Even if they won't in a few months! Congrats on the lbs gone!

  2. So funny-I went to Cato's the day I wrote this and bought myself some jean capris :) I love Cato's and Penney's is a favortite too but I've never been to Burlington Coat Factory-I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks! It's an ongoing battle but they're coming off slowly but surely!