Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Letters

Dear Summer,
Why you gotta go by so fast? I was just getting good and settled into your non-routine routine when you snap me out of it with home visits, and professional development and other "the rest of the year" hum drum.  Harsh summer, harsh.

Dear One Piece Bathing Suit I Bought on Clearance,
Thank for being more flattering than I had anticipated and for showing me that while I am not quite to the body that I want, I like the one I have a whole lot more than the one I had 8 months ago.  I vow to be far to small to wear you by next summer.

Dear Zucchini Bread,
I should never have learned to make you.  You are going to undo all the good One Piece Bathing Suit did. The only solution is to continue to make you, but to give you away.  I'm sorry, but this is the way it has to be.  It's not you, it's me.

Dear Malone's of Lexington,
God Bless your salad, bread, crab rangoon, and blackened chicken penne. Yum.

Dear Back to School,
While I do not welcome your early start times, I am more than ready for your routine.  As it turns out I do much better with diet and exercise while on your rigid time schedule.  One point for you-but only one.

Dear new Kiddos,
Let's learn lots, be good to one another and have a fantastic year!

Dear School Lunch Bunch,
I have missed our time together and look forward to it starting up again soon-point two for Back to School-dangit.

Dear Mazers,
The upcoming early mornings will be as hard on your as they will on me.  I will miss lounging in bed with you till much past an acceptable hour.  I hope the chain link fence I am installing for you in the backyard will soften the blow. 

Dear Blog,
I've sucked lately but frankly, I'm becoming bored with you.  Perhaps you could do something to renew my interest?

Dear Old Musicals,
You never fail to make me smile and sing along and feel better.  And think of my Dede.  Bravo.

Dear Bed,
I hear you calling my name-I'll be there momentarily.

As ever,
All my best,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm bored, it's late, I'm out of blog ideas so in the spirit of random radomosity that is this blog I give you, the Random Alphabet:

A-ab-I think I felt one beginning to form in my stomach area-what a thrill!
B-Big Bang Theory-what's playing in the background as I type away.
C-couch-where my Mazie dog is snoring at the moment.
D-dreams-always in color, and always present.  And people I have some doozies.
E-eggs-I enjoy mine with a little salsa and cheese.  And preferably with whites only.
F-fence-got an estimate today on one for my backyard.  Seems very grown up but the pups will so enjoy it!
G-garden-waiting anxiously for my parents to being yielding things.  The drought is not helping this.
H-hair-trying desperately to grow mine out.  Slow going folks-any tips?
I-ice cream-summer makes me crave it pretty much constantly.  We made homemade banana the other night-Fan-tas-tic!
J-July-it's barely begun but to me signals the beginning of the end of my glorious summer vacay.  Sniff sniff.
K-kaboom-as in the fireworks that although it's the 10th still go off at random-it's over people!  Give it up!
L-laughter-it is absolutely the best medicine which I believe unequivocally.
M-male-I need some male in my life.  And I mean that in the most non-dirty way possible.  I need a man to flirt with me, tell me I'm cute and possibly ogle me. 
N-nights-mine are increasingly later which should make it increasingly harder to get back to waking up for school
O-owls-love them-bought the cutest little bracelet today at a boutique in town for cheap cheap
P-pasta-I could eat it every day of my life if possible and if it didn't go straight to my hips, thighs, butt
Q-quickly-the method in which I like things to go and the opposite of how my current cross stitch product is coming
R-rain-finally got some the other day but could seriously use more-the grass is crunchy people!
S-salve-as in Rosebud-seriously loving it on my lips!  Also loving the vintage look of the tin.
T-tomatoes-assisted in canning 16 quarts today.  Makes me wish for fall and a big pot of chili to put them in.
U-USB-the drive that went missing with several new school documents on it today, giving me a heart attack until it surfaced.
V-vat-the amount of cookie dough I could consume if only...
W-Wednesday-we're almost to hump day which is far less thrilling when you don't work all summer.
X-Xtra half hour of Zumba last night that absolutely killed me...I'm hurting people.
Y-yell.  What my mother asked me today to stop doing.  She should realize after 28 years that I am loud.
Z-zzz's-what I'm about to go catch.

Peace out homies.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where I come from...

Rain is a good thing! And after about 10 days of temps of 100 degrees or better and twice as many with no rain-it's raining! Woo hoo!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime

God Bless America.  And summer's off for teachers.  And Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.  And Nascar races.  And time with family here, there and everywhere.

This weekend (of course it's now Thursday and the weekend is over, in fact the next one is practically upon us but whatever) was a whirlwind. In the absolute best sense of the word.

It started on Friday with me and my cousin heading to Hamilton Oh to my aunt and uncles house.  Visiting and eating commenced.

Saturday kicked off the big events.  My two cousins and I went to the Nascar race at Kentucky Speedway.  To say it was hotttttttttttt would be an understatement.  To say it was hotter than the face of the sun may also be an understatement.  It was freaking hot people.  Our lives were saved by the portable water mister my cousin Ryan bought that hooks to a pop up tent.  There aren't words. 

Now, as a told my cousins, avid race fans, my prior knowledge of Nascar consists of "Days of Thunder" and Disney's "Cars".  And let me just tell you-Disney?  They got it about right!  It was more fun than I expected considering it was hotter than the fires of hell.  Highlight?-the walkie talkie headsets that allowed me to beep my cousins and say "He he he, Allmindinger" every time that particular drivers name was announced.  Come on that's freaking hilarious-say it and see if you don't laugh! We made it home (after getting hit in the parking lot) at about 2:00.

Up and at em at about 10:30ish the next day to prepare for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert in Cincinnati at Paul Brown stadium.  We left at about 1:00 to pick up friends and tailgate-the concert started at 4:30-a fact we found confusing until later.  It was again, hotter than you can possibly imagine.  Our seats were up high and all through the two opening acts I truly thought I might die.  Then my boyfriend Tim McGraw came out and things were magically and mystically better. 

I can't imagine why that might have been....sigh. And God Bless tight jeans, and well muscled men.

And then the heavens opened up, the winds begin to blow, Tim told us he'd be right back and the powers that be at the stadium decided to inform us and 55,000 of our closest, sweatiest friends to seek shelter as severe weather was on the way. 

About an hour and a monsoon of rain later Tim came back. Then Kenny.  Then Tim and Kenny.  And 7 hours after the concert started it ended and we all understood why it started so early.  It was fantastic.

Another in bed by 2:00 night and the next day a pool party and food and fun with family.  The perfect bookend to a whirlwind, wild, hot and incredibly fun summer weekend that has carried over through today with more pool time, 4th cookouts and lunch and movies with my girls from school.  This weekend may be used simply to recover.  :)