Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Chance Encounter

I was at Orange Leaf this past Saturday with my friends (for those of your that don't know Orange Leaf is the most fabulous self serve soft serve frozen yogurt IN THE WORLD! It is a dessert wonderland!).  I had filled my cup and was standing in line to add some toppings (yes, you heard me, a do it yourself topping bar with EVERYTHING imaginable!).  The guy behind me in line was standing a little too close for comfort but as the world is filled with those with no personal space boundaries these days I didn't think much of it.  And then he leaned in close and quite literally breathed the following words on to my neck:

"So...what toppings should I get?   I just got strawberry and vanilla ice cream?? What would be good?"

At first I thought, well this is an interesting approach, if somewhat inappropriate.  I turned slowly and was about to answer when upon seeing my face he...

...leaped back, turned five shades of red and exclaimed "Oh my God!!!! I am so sorry-I thought you were my wife!  Oh my God-I really need to open my eyes!"

He promptly retreated, all apologies.  I told him it was fine, laughed it off and proceeded to turn five shades of red myself.  I, of course, walked right over to my friends and told them the story.  I could see him doing the same and I when I heard his wife say "Which one?" I just waved and smiled.  I can only hope she wasn't offended. :) And I can only be thankful he didn't do worse than breath on my neck :)

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