Thursday, March 8, 2012

No Sex in the Country

I considered, briefly and not too seriously, this post's title as the title to my entire blog.  Then my best friend suggested that this might not attract the most desirable set of readers.  Dang it.  It made me feel tres Carrie Bradshaw.  Which led me to write this post.

I feel like blogging about what I'm blogging about is somewhat along the line of Carrie's column in Sex and the City.  Real life.  For single girls-or any girls really-or anyone really.  And like Carrie, my best friends play a HUGE pivotal role in that life.  So I decided since it is inevitable that they will wind up in this blog, I should go ahead and introduce you.  I have decided to refer to them by the names of the SATC girls to maintain their anonymity.  And I get to be Carrie.  Because it's my blog.  (FYI-I totally would have married Aiden and never seen Mr. Big again. But that's for another day...)

So let's meet the cast shall we?

Samantha-my Samantha is not as...promiscuous (wasn't that tactful?) the actual one.  But there are elements of similarity in other traits.  She is the eldest in our group. She is very independent, opinionated and unafraid to let people know it.  She is the take charge type and is good at making plans and making said plans happen.  She is also kind, funny, fiercely loyal, sensitive and pretty much always there in a pinch.   She's always up for anything and has been in my whole life.  She'll be very happy I labeled her as a friend since I often tell her we are family, not friends.

Miranda-my Miranda is not as driven and harsh as the real one.  But she is driven.  And will work harder than hard and succeed at whatever she sets her mind too. And, like the real Miranda, is a little insecure about herself.  My Carrie is constantly frustrated by her less than accurate picture of herself.  She is my go to girl-and, in true Miranda fashion, will tell me like it is.  Even if I don't like it (I usually don't).  She funny, intelligent and always has my back. 

Charlotte-my Charlotte is not quite as prissy as the real one.  But she is seriously only about a step behind it.  Like Charlotte keeps the SATC girls grounded and traditional, so does my Charlotte.  She's the baby-but is often the mother hen.  She is the first to jump to your defence and the first to take your side. She longs for traditional things-marriage and babies.  And is the most likely to pull all of that off with the grace and poise of June Cleaver.  My Charlotte is far more practical and level headed than the original.  She's good in crisis, physical or emotional and is oozes sympathy in times of distress. 

And so that just leaves me...Carrie/Lindsay.  Pretty hard to write an analysis of yourself.  Am I like Carrie?  Probably somewhat.  When I was trying to match our personalities up to the SATC characters it was pretty easy.  We are, of course, quite different from them.  But the essential character traits and roles within the group are very similar.  So yeah, I guess I'm the Carrie.  Always ready to have some fun, even more ready to let a joke or sarcastic comment fly.  I love my friends and try to be there for them.  I, obviously, write.  I do not, however, purchase shoes that cost roughly the same amount as a mortgage payment.  And that's where Carrie and I differ.  I'm more practical and of course am not a fictional tv character.   :)

So there we have it-the cast.  Prepare to be entertained.

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