Monday, March 19, 2012


I wish I had some interesting and captivating thing to write about today.  Not so much.  It's Monday, I'm in a blah mood and at the moment waiting until I can get home and take a nap. 

Not exactly spine tingling stuff.  So maybe a quick run-down of what going on in my little world will suffice. 

#1-I am so excited for the Hunger Games movie it's a little embarrassing.  Everytime a trailer comes on I watch it (even though it may be for the millionth time) like I've never seen it before.  I re-read the books last week, staying up far later than was advisable and am just giddy with anticipation. If it is not as good as I hope it will be I may require psychiatric care.

#2-Spring has sprung-a little early for KY and it probably won't last but the mild winter, added to the unseasonably warm temps led to me having to freaking mow my yard this weekend.  Which led to the first snake sighting of the year-joy, joy.  My only consolation is that I beat my neighbor's on either side with the first to mow honors-a task which is nearly impossible and quite satisfying. 

#3-Rocking on repeat on the iPod of late?  Kelly Clarkson's "Makes You Stronger".  I am not ashamed to admit I have car danced while belting it at the top of my lungs.

#4-Our school board, in their infinite wisdom, allowed us to have our entire spring break-the first 3 days were originally taken for possible snow make-up days.  I am beyond excited by this and so ready for a break.  Now I'm just wishing I had someone to go or something exciting to do-I'll have to work on that.

And that's about all I have.   Perhaps inspiration will hit me soon and I will be back but for the moment enjoy your Monday-if such a thing is possible.

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