Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a Loser Baby!

A weight loser that is.  I started, really and truly started trying, to lose weight in November.  I signed up for Weight Watchers online and began working out more frequently.  And it worked...I was losing 2-3 pounds a week.  And as anyone who has struggled with weight loss can tell you there is no greater feeling than stepping on the scale and seeing that number decrease. 

And then the holidays hit.  And my father had a heart attack.  And spent a week in ICU.  And my family and I spent a week driving back and forth, spending the night in hospital chairs and eating whatever fast food was available to survive.  Needless to say, this derailed me. 

But after New Years I cracked back down.  I increased my workouts substantially because as anyone who's struggled with weight loss will tell you, your body gets comfortbale at certain stages and REFUSES to shed another ounce at times.  I signed up for Zumba classes two days a week and began going to the gym with friends two other days.  And it slowly started coming off again.  And I am proud to say I am down 20 pounds from when I started!

But each ounce, each pound is a vicious battle between me, food, my body and exercise.  It isn't easy.  There are days I just want a cupcake-or five.  Days that the sight of someone else consuming Dorito's make me drool and sigh longingly.  And there have also been days when I've broken down and had a cupcake.  And those days have kept me from going completely off the grid. 

My plan has been this.  I am on target and very strict with myself during the week.  The weekends?  I give myself a break.  It may take me longer to get all the weight I would like to off but I think my weekends have also kept me from going on an all out binge.  I'm not saying I go nuts and eat everything is sight but I usually eat out and generally get what I want, within reason.  But on Monday it's right back on track.

Another change?  No pop.  Or soda or cola or whatever you want to call it.  Only water or tea for me for two months.  Yes I may have had impure thoughts about a diet Coke last weekend at a restaurant.  But I have held firm.  Not only better for me but a lot cheaper too when eating out!

So for all those people thinking about losing weight or trying to lose weight out there-stick with it!  It can be done!  It's not easy and, if you love food like me, it's sure not fun. But here are a few tips/tricks etc to get you going or help you out:

1. Website. Ever.  This lady takes all sorts of normal, delicious recipes and "skinnys" them up.  She also gives you the nutritional info and Weight Watchers pts.  Everything I have tried from her has been great!  And usually quick and easy too.

2. You iPhone is your friend.  If you are WW-ing the iPhone app is great for tracking and looking things up on the go.  Even better for shopping?  The new bar code scanner which scans items on the spot and gives you points per serving.  If you are a non-WW there are lots of great calorie counting/fitness apps.  I have heard great things about My Fitness Pal, Lose It! and many others.  Some are even free.  I firmly believe that in order to lose weight you to count something-points, carbs, fat, calories-whatever you choose it makes you SO much more aware of what you are consuming.

3.  Find exercise you enjoy.  For me it's Zumba-I love it (and I say that about little to no forms of exercise).  I also enjoy walking outside, which is easier now that the weather is nicer.  It's much easy to keep up with a workout schedule if you like what you're doing.  And if you're like me and don't really like exercise at all (I think those people that say they love it are just flat out lying) find some workout buddies.  I am much more likely to go to the gym or walk if I have someone to do it with.

4.  Helpful hints food/drink wise: Drink LOTS of water.  You've heard it before but it cannot be said enough.  Green tea is also good and is a metabolism booster.  Protein shakes every now and then are a good bet.  And you are also supposed to eat something (something HEALTHY) within about 30 minutes of getting up.  It kick starts your metabolism for the day and as my metabolism is my constant enemy I need all the help I can get in that area.  Tons of fruits, tons of veggies, lean meats.  Avoid the carbs (which is SO hard for me as I love them!)

These are just some things that have worked for me or helped me.  I am by NO MEANS an expert or a dietitian or medical profession.  I will say this.  In my opinion there are no shortcuts.  No pills, or supplements or surgery (in some cases) will help if you are not committed to trying to lose weight and make some changes.  Because as soon as you are done with your magic cure the weight is coming right back.  Not to sound too Jillian Michaels-but you have to do the work.  And I will also say this.  It feels really, really great when all the hard work pays off and you lose even a few ounces.  Really great.

With that in mind I'm off to enjoy YET ANOTHER salad.  Yum.

Good luck to all the other losers out there!  If you've got any good tips, please, please share them here.  Every little bit helps and I'm always learning/trying new things.

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