Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a Small Town Girl, Living in a Tech-y World....

I think Drew Barrymore's character Mary said it best in "He's Just Not That Into You":

"I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting."

Word.  To your mother.

It is exhausting-freaking exhausting.  Don't we all just long for the day when a guy just picked up the phone and CALLED us?  Or didn't.

Either way it was straightforward.  Simple.  To the point.  No seeing if he was "online".  Agonizing over why for the love of all that is holy he won't "chat" with you if he is.  No Face-stalking-attempting to decipher based on his "interests" and 5.2 million photos if you would be compatible or not. No struggling in vain to interpret a text that could quite possibly have a double meaning.  Or no meaning at all  Or that could just mean he's just a jackass. 

Sigh.  I need a nap just writing about it.

Don't get me wrong.  I love technology.  I am the proud owner of many forms of it. But I agree with Mary-it is exhausting! Checking in and trying to connect on all these different levels.  I would much prefer a guy just be a man about it and call me.  Plus that gives the added bonus of trying to decipher by his voice if you're compatible.  :)

Because let's face it ladies (and here is a heads up for any male readers).  Even if you stripped us down to the most basic forms of communication we are still going to agonize and analyze over every measly bit of information we have.  It's just the way we roll.  Or the way this girl does at least.  Pretty sure I'm not alone.

My word of advice?  If you're a dude-keep it simple. If you like us, call us-ON THE PHONE and ask us out. If it goes well call again.  Try not to wait too long-we think you follow that 3 day rule even if you really don't.  If you don't like us, don't call.  But for pete's sake don't say you're going to call if you're not.  We hate that.  Really.  A lot.

And ladies, try not to over analyze.  Let things go however they are meant to go.  That's what going to happen anyway no matter how much you think about it and talk about it with your friends.  I know it's hard to resist.  I myself am going to be hard-pressed to take my own advice as I am the world's worst over-analyzer.  But try. I'm going to :)

***Disclaimer-I am barely old enough to have experienced the days when calling on the phone was the only option-and yet-I can totally and completely see the merit and advantages to it!  That is all.


  1. oh man, if I weren't married, I would so be an internet "information-gatherer". Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :) I added you to my blogroll so I won't miss a post!


  2. As always, I am in awe of your ability to recall random movie quotes at any given time. There are days when I can't even remember the name of the child I'm yelling for.

  3. It might have something to do with the fact that I have watched roughly 5.2 million movies :) Ps-you need to start blogging again!

  4. I started one. A new one, anyway. I haven't written anything yet though.