Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facebook is Not a Laundromat

So please, for the love of all that is good and pure, don't air your dirty laundry on there.

Now before everyone gets all defensive I fully realize that Facebook and it's uses are a personal matter.  You can use it for whatever form or function that you like. Me?  Entertainment and keeping up with friends (and enemies-bwa-ha-ha!!!)  Others use it for business, for sharing their faith or their politics.  Fine-to each their own. It's a free country and a free social medium.

But where I draw the line is those people who feel the need to utter their every thought, bodily function, marital spat and activity throughtout the day.  TMI people!! Way too much.  And I could pretty much go the rest of my life without knowing these little status jewels. To quote Thomas Haden Chruch from the movie Easy A:

 "I don't know what your generation's fascination is with documenting your every thought... but I can assure you, they're not all diamonds. "Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof." Who gives a rat's ass?"

Too true.  I "Like" this more than I can say.


  1. Every time I get on facebook (which is more often than I'd like to admit) I am completely annoyed. I wonder why I still check it so often! After I got into an f-book "discussion" once, and felt completely misunderstood and berated, I decided that this particular social media is definitely not the place to discuss my religious beliefs (duh! you're thinking I'm sure!) Also, I don't need/want to know what time anyone goes to bed every. single. night. or if someone is hearting their family. You're right though, to each his own! I just need to figure out a way *not* to compulsively check facebook on my phone. Imma quit the facebook one day!!!

    PS are you going to the high school reunion?


  2. Oh I'm addicted too! And I forgot about the good night wishes-ahhh! And I was just talking about the mushy gushy greatest family ever posts today at lunch-if you have to brag that much about it on FB-is it really that sincere? I'm with you :)

    PS-Not sure yet-you?

  3. I think I'm going! I'm kinda excited for an excuse to go out and party at a hotel! (if it's awful I can aways just go up to my discounted hotel room with my hubs!)