Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime

God Bless America.  And summer's off for teachers.  And Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.  And Nascar races.  And time with family here, there and everywhere.

This weekend (of course it's now Thursday and the weekend is over, in fact the next one is practically upon us but whatever) was a whirlwind. In the absolute best sense of the word.

It started on Friday with me and my cousin heading to Hamilton Oh to my aunt and uncles house.  Visiting and eating commenced.

Saturday kicked off the big events.  My two cousins and I went to the Nascar race at Kentucky Speedway.  To say it was hotttttttttttt would be an understatement.  To say it was hotter than the face of the sun may also be an understatement.  It was freaking hot people.  Our lives were saved by the portable water mister my cousin Ryan bought that hooks to a pop up tent.  There aren't words. 

Now, as a told my cousins, avid race fans, my prior knowledge of Nascar consists of "Days of Thunder" and Disney's "Cars".  And let me just tell you-Disney?  They got it about right!  It was more fun than I expected considering it was hotter than the fires of hell.  Highlight?-the walkie talkie headsets that allowed me to beep my cousins and say "He he he, Allmindinger" every time that particular drivers name was announced.  Come on that's freaking hilarious-say it and see if you don't laugh! We made it home (after getting hit in the parking lot) at about 2:00.

Up and at em at about 10:30ish the next day to prepare for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert in Cincinnati at Paul Brown stadium.  We left at about 1:00 to pick up friends and tailgate-the concert started at 4:30-a fact we found confusing until later.  It was again, hotter than you can possibly imagine.  Our seats were up high and all through the two opening acts I truly thought I might die.  Then my boyfriend Tim McGraw came out and things were magically and mystically better. 

I can't imagine why that might have been....sigh. And God Bless tight jeans, and well muscled men.

And then the heavens opened up, the winds begin to blow, Tim told us he'd be right back and the powers that be at the stadium decided to inform us and 55,000 of our closest, sweatiest friends to seek shelter as severe weather was on the way. 

About an hour and a monsoon of rain later Tim came back. Then Kenny.  Then Tim and Kenny.  And 7 hours after the concert started it ended and we all understood why it started so early.  It was fantastic.

Another in bed by 2:00 night and the next day a pool party and food and fun with family.  The perfect bookend to a whirlwind, wild, hot and incredibly fun summer weekend that has carried over through today with more pool time, 4th cookouts and lunch and movies with my girls from school.  This weekend may be used simply to recover.  :)

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