Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm bored, it's late, I'm out of blog ideas so in the spirit of random radomosity that is this blog I give you, the Random Alphabet:

A-ab-I think I felt one beginning to form in my stomach area-what a thrill!
B-Big Bang Theory-what's playing in the background as I type away.
C-couch-where my Mazie dog is snoring at the moment.
D-dreams-always in color, and always present.  And people I have some doozies.
E-eggs-I enjoy mine with a little salsa and cheese.  And preferably with whites only.
F-fence-got an estimate today on one for my backyard.  Seems very grown up but the pups will so enjoy it!
G-garden-waiting anxiously for my parents to being yielding things.  The drought is not helping this.
H-hair-trying desperately to grow mine out.  Slow going folks-any tips?
I-ice cream-summer makes me crave it pretty much constantly.  We made homemade banana the other night-Fan-tas-tic!
J-July-it's barely begun but to me signals the beginning of the end of my glorious summer vacay.  Sniff sniff.
K-kaboom-as in the fireworks that although it's the 10th still go off at random-it's over people!  Give it up!
L-laughter-it is absolutely the best medicine which I believe unequivocally.
M-male-I need some male in my life.  And I mean that in the most non-dirty way possible.  I need a man to flirt with me, tell me I'm cute and possibly ogle me. 
N-nights-mine are increasingly later which should make it increasingly harder to get back to waking up for school
O-owls-love them-bought the cutest little bracelet today at a boutique in town for cheap cheap
P-pasta-I could eat it every day of my life if possible and if it didn't go straight to my hips, thighs, butt
Q-quickly-the method in which I like things to go and the opposite of how my current cross stitch product is coming
R-rain-finally got some the other day but could seriously use more-the grass is crunchy people!
S-salve-as in Rosebud-seriously loving it on my lips!  Also loving the vintage look of the tin.
T-tomatoes-assisted in canning 16 quarts today.  Makes me wish for fall and a big pot of chili to put them in.
U-USB-the drive that went missing with several new school documents on it today, giving me a heart attack until it surfaced.
V-vat-the amount of cookie dough I could consume if only...
W-Wednesday-we're almost to hump day which is far less thrilling when you don't work all summer.
X-Xtra half hour of Zumba last night that absolutely killed me...I'm hurting people.
Y-yell.  What my mother asked me today to stop doing.  She should realize after 28 years that I am loud.
Z-zzz's-what I'm about to go catch.

Peace out homies.

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