Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation=woo hoo!, Packing=Boo hoo!

Heading out tomorrow for a mini vacation to Gatlinburg with my girls.  And am as excited as if we were going somewhere like, oh, I don't know...the beach, a cruise etc etc.  It's basically just about getting away and changing the scenery at this point.  We have some fun stuff planned and, of course, mucho shopping. 

But in order to go-I gotta pack.  And I HATE packing.  With a fiery, all consuming passion.  It's torture. 

What to take, what not to take.  Do I take too much (yes always), do I take the minimalist approach (no, never).  I generally end up taking the same amount of items for this, a two day trip, as I would for a week at the beach.  I have no restraint.

There are too many variables to consider!  And I must have some Boy Scout in my makeup because I feel the need to "always be prepared".  It could rain.  A cold snap. A heat wave.  Something dressy could come up.  I may need a bathing suit.  I could just hate my clothes (Happens.  A lot.)  So I over pack.  I've tried to break the habit but I've finally just accepted it.  I'd rather have more than necessary (which I always, ALWAYS do) than not enough (NEVER happened). 

So off I go to begin gathering my things.  I predict a minimum of one suitcase plus additional bag. 

Yes I realize it's a two day trip.  Just go with it.

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