Tuesday, June 12, 2012

:) and his brother ;)

So I have been watching TBS's new show Men at Work.  Pretty funny, clever writing and a glimpse into the minds of men.  Some background: On last weeks episode, Milo, having just gotten out of a 5 year relationship, is trying to re-enter the dating world and is struggling somewhat with texting a new girl he's dating.  His lady killer friend Tyler is helping him deconstruct what Milo views as an open invitation from the lady.  Their convo goes a little something like this:

Tyler: "In the hetero-textual world everything is safe if you have a smiley face at the end.  They're like...conversational condoms."

Milo: "Really?"

Tyler: "Absolutely man.  You can say the naughtiest, filthiest stuff to each other and its all in fun as long as you end it with that bad boy.  Or his brother...the winky smiley face."

Milo: "Good to know."

You can watch it here:
Men at Work-Hetero-textual Male

The conversation made me laugh out loud while I was watching-which is something I generally reserve for New Girl or Psych (haven't watched either? Step away from the computer and go do so IMMEDIATELY!)
It was just so....true!  I could literally think of dozens of times that I had softened the blow, or added some levity to a text with a :) or ;) 

Uh oh-don't want him to think I'm being too flirty--:)

Whoops hope he gets that that is sarcasm---;)

Want him to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes, you ignorant male, I am flirting--;)

And they're so right-these little emoticons are conversational condoms.  They make you feel safe.  For me, comments I'd never post or texts I'd never send are instantly made "ok" by adding a :) or ;)

And you know what?  Thank God.

I mean seriously-being single is freaking exhausting.  And thought I don't often advocate for the male side of things I am sure they feel the same way.  You feel like a psychoanalyst 99% of the time.  What did he/she mean by that?  What do I do/say now?  And on and on with the questions and second guessing and uncertainly and doubt.

And while I often bemoan all the game play, the rules and regulations that often make dating so very tiresome, in this case I find it perfectly ok.  Comforting even.  Because without our little conversational condoms there are texts that would never get sent.  I realize they are just in fact punctuation marks squished together to attempt to illustrate an emotion or tone and I'm pinning a lot on them but they sometimes give you a little added boost of confidence. They power sometimes to push send-ummm don't know if I should say that.  eh-I'll add a :)  Yes the addition of a colon and parentheses makes it all ok.

It's a dog eat dog world out there kids.  And this girl?  I'll be practicing safe text.

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