Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trending Now

For the foreseeable future I am totally in love with....

1. Green Smoothies-yes, I may have gagged when I first read the recipe for green smoothies on pinterest-it included baby spinach!!!!  But I sucked it up and tried it and am now rather addicted.  I make mine with a banana, a handful of spinach, frozen pineapple or mango and a little water.  Be prepared-they turn a violent green but I PROMISE you cannot taste the spinach.  They are quite tasty and besides that they make you (me at least) feel like you are doing something uber-healthy to start your day.

2. Spring in KY-If there is anything prettier...well I don't know what it is.  I love this time of year in my good ol' Bluegrass state...birds singing, baby calves and foals romping in the fields, trees, flowers and grass growing.  It's an intro to a freaking Disney movie and I love it!  I do not, however, enjoy the rapid rate at which my grass has begun to grown that has led to me having to mow it with increasing frequency.  If only there were a mowing fairy....

3. PitBull and Colbie Caillat-Yeah, cause I'm gangsta that way.  Oh wait...what?...Colbie Caillat's not gangsta...dang it.  So close.  Anyway I am totally jamming to these two right now.  Pitbull because my Zumba instructor uses him a lot for her routines and now just the sound of him and I'm rocking out.  Colbie Caillat because I find her breezy style very spring-like.  I enjoy the vibe-summer approaching-which it is (woot woot!)  Her new duet with Common? I dig it.

4. Countdown-Any elementary teacher (any teacher for that matter) will quickly tell you by this point of the school year how many days are left in the year.  Some (ahem...me) can even break it down into Monday's left-4 if you're curious.  At this point in the game when the kids are infected with spring fever and their little brains are slowly getting out of school mode a countdown is really all we have to help us cling to our sanity.  22 days people!!!!!  We can make it...right?

5. Smash, New Girl, DWTS, Once Upon a Time-These are the tv shows I am feverishly dvr'ing of late.  Smash-Glee with grown ups-need I say more?  New Girl is hi-lar-i-ous-love all the characters, the plots, the rapid fire banter.  DWTS-a perennial favorite but the incredible hotness of William Levy had restored my faith in the show. God Bless you DWTS.  And Once Upon a Time is simply all the fairy tales in the world thrown together....fantastic.  I am so interested to see how all the conflict is going to resolve and what new characters are going to come out.  And that August guy?  What's his deal?

That's what trending with me...what are you all loving these days?

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